The ZPLOTIT software package produces vector demagnetization diagrams, intensity-decay plots, and stereonets and computes the principal component analysis (PCA) from paleomagnetic data sets. See ZPLOTIT is available for use free of charge.

ZPLOTIT, the subroutines it uses, and a Makefile are available in gzip/tar format:
NOTE: This version of ZPLOTIT was last updated in 2011. It is an archive version. Any new versions, if and when they are created, will be posted on Gary Acton's new web page.

For bug reports and suggestions for improvement, E-mail Gary Acton at gdacton@shsu.edu.

The plots created by ZPLOTIT are illustrated for
ODP Leg 172 Site 1063.

a) Upper left: Vector demagnetization diagram or Modified Zijderveld plot (Z vs. H).

b) Upper right: Same as that to the right, except zoomed in by 3x.

c) Middle left: Vector demagnetization diagram (Z vs. E).

b) Middle left: Vector demagnetization diagram (Z vs. N).

c) Lower left: Intensity-decay diagram.

d) Lower right: Stereonet (equal-angle; Wulff projection) with
directions plotted.

ZPLOTIT Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Table

An example of the PCA table for a few samples from Afar, Africa (Acton et al., 2000).


The pdf file created by ZPLOTIT can easily
be converted to an animated GIF using
Imagemagik (http://www.imagemagick.org/) and
GIFsicle (http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/).
Once those software were installed, the animated GIF
was created using this shell script.

Click on the image to the left to see the
animated GIF (preliminary demagnetization data
from Acton and Herrero-Bervera, in prep.)