Scheduling a Visit

To inquire about using the UC Davis Paleomagnetism Laboratory, just send an E-mail message to Ken Verosub ( Please provide:
  • The goals of your project.
  • What instruments you plan to use (see the Instruments web page for a list).
  • When you would like to visit.
  • What types of samples you plan to measure (lithology and sample shapes/sizes).
  • If you plan to make the measurements yourself or would like us to assist.
  • Your contact information (address, E-mail, and phone).
The UC Davis Paleomagnetism Laboratory is a recharge facility. University and NSF policies require that all users of the facility, including those at UC Davis, be charged for using the laboratory. Our goal is to make the lab available and affordable to use for as many users as possible.

If you have already scheduled a visit and want to learn more about Davis and the lab, see the visitor's guide.